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AERO-Based Units:

World Languages

Grade K-4 (Spanish) Day of the Dead

Grade 1 (French) My Family

Grade 1-3 (Spanish): First Day of School

Grade 1 (Spanish) All About Me

Grade 3-5: (Spanish) Friends in a New County

Grade 4 (French): Home is Where the Heart Is

Grade 4: (Spanish) Energy

Grade 5 (Arabic): Arabic in the World

Grade 5 (Spanish): Explore!

Grade 6 (Spanish): The Individual and the Family

Grade 6 (French): Qui est-ce?

Grade 7: (Spanish) If I was…(historical personage)

Grade 8: (French) Describing Our Class Trip

Middle School: Favorites

Middle School (French): Le Monde Francophone

Grade 9-10 (French 1): Introduction to French (Who am I?)

Grade 9-10 (French 2): Where will I stay in France?

Grade 9-12 Chinese): Mini Story

Grade 10: (Spanish 3-Advanced): Cuba and the Cuban American Experience

Grade 10 (Portuguese): Health and Beauty

Grade 10 (Portuguese): Brazil a Country of Countries

Grade 11: (French) French Families

High School: (Arabic) Cultural Eating

HS Advanced (Non-Francophone French): Child Trafficking in Africa



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